Information for the Retail Customer

We have lots of gorgeous trees here at Raemelton Farm and our job is to give all of them wonderful new homes! Even though we are a wholesale nursery we will on occassion sell to the general public.

We’re not set up for retail; there are no posted business hours, the trees are usually not labeled, we just know what everything is, and there's no cash register to ring you up. You have to know exactly what you're looking for as we don't have designers on staff to help you with tree selection. Tagging the trees yourself isn't an option but I'm more than happy to send you photos of what I tag for you!

Here are some of the basic differences between our wholesale operation and a retail garden center. Our trees will cost you less, but there is no warranty on survival once it leaves our farm and there is no after care advice aside from the links below. We are not staffed for retail, so it's best to contact us by phone or email to place an order. We do not provide shipping or planting in-house but can refer you to some companies that will be able to help. If you are in the Washington DC area we sell our trees to American Plant and Potomac Garden Center and they provide these additional services.


Browse through the links below for great information you need to know to!


Proper Tree Planting Techniques



How to Water Your Trees



Proper Placement and More Planting Information



University of Maryland Extension - This is a great place to contact if you have any questions about pests or diseases your trees.



More Information You Need to Know - Seriously, read this!



Customer Service

- Our goal is to provide our customers with beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs grown with great respect to our environment. Order requests will be met with quick response, careful selection of plant material, pest and disease scouting, and follow up after the sale.



- There is no minimum dollar amount associated with any order. In many cases there is no need for a deposit prior to pickup or delivery of your order.

- Prices posted online supersede any past availability lists. The prices include the cost of the plant, digging, ball & burlap, holding in our irrigated plant yard for up to two weeks and loading of all plant material on order. Exceptions can be made for a longer holding time if absolutely necessary, knowledge of this at the time of purchase is preferred.

- Payment in full is to be made upon pickup or delivery, unless a credit application has been submitted and accepted.

- If the credit application is not submitted prior to pickup or delivery we are happy to take a check or credit card.

- Overdue accounts will be charged 1.5% interest per month.

- There is no warranty on the trees once they leave our farm. They are guaranteed to be the exact size and varity listed on the invoice.

- We are required to collect Maryland sales tax unless a copy of the Maryland Plant Broker's Resale Certificate is provided.

- When shipping out of state by Common Carrier, sales tax is not applied to the invoice. If the company who placed the order picks up the trees Maryland sales tax must be charged.

- When there are delays due to weather conditions that are out of our control we will do everything possible to keep you informed. If the occasional crop failure or damage keeps us from fulfilling an order we cannot be held liable; although we will try to help find alternate vendors.


Shipping/Pick up

- Having at least 10 days notice for an order is preferred, but many times we can accommodate shorter lead times.

- We can arrange deliveries for loads of just a few trees to multiple 18 wheelers. Prices vary, contact us for accurate quotes.

- In many cases delivery fees will be paid COD to the freight company, if this is not the case we will notify you and include this cost of your invoice.

- If you decide to pick up the trees you have on order please give us at least 3 days notice to ensure prompt loading.

- The lead time on setting up delivery is dependent mainly on the time of year. If it's spring or fall we'll ask for about 2 weeks, while in the summer or winter we can typically coordinate shipping much quicker.

- Proper equipment to unload the trees once they are delivered to the site is the responsibility of the customer. The driver will NEVER have the ability to unload the trees for you.

- When picking up please have all ropes, padding, and mesh tarps necessary to ensure safe transporting of your trees.


Summer Digging

- 17% charge on the cost of the tree for additional services listed below.

- Trees will be irrigated on a heavier cycle for at least one week prior to digging.

- The rootball is up-sized by one grade.

- A soil drench (Bio-Plex) is applied prior to digging.

- An anti-transpirant is applied to the foliage to lessen desication just prior to or immediately after digging.

- Trees are kept in our irrigated holding yard for up to one week after digging.

- It is prefered to have a two week notice for any summer dug trees, but we understand that sometimes it is not possible. We can accommodate a quicker turnaround in most cases, but we advise against this for the ultimate health of the tree.

- Summer dug trees will naturally have foliage that droops for a few weeks after digging. We recommend watering about 3 times a week and watering deeply each time (this is very hard to guage and depends on site conditions), as opposed to watering a little every day. The answer to drooping foliage is not always to water more, so check the soil before proceeding.



- We follow the American Standard for Nursery Stock published by the American Association of Nurserymen for grading all of our plant material. Each tree tagged is individually inspected and dug for your order. The minimum caliper size is posted in our availability list.


Custom / Contract Growing

- Planning ahead for your future plantings will ensure you receive not only the quantity and quality of trees you are looking for, but the exact variety, size, and even growth habit.

- A 15%-25% deposit is required to get started, then the remaining 75-85% is due upon pickup or delivery of the trees.

- Depending on the ultimate size requirements this process typically takes at least 3 years. In that amount of time we can generally produce a 2" caliper single-stem tree or an 8'-10' multi-stemmed tree.

- Whether what you're looking for is an unusual species, a special pruning request, or a large quantity that may be hard to find, we can help to make your project run smoothly with a little planning.

- We have no minimum quantity or price range for this service, contact Angela at angela@raemelton.com to discuss the details.

Rootball Information

- We use a PazzagliaFZ 120 vibratory digging machine to dig our trees rather than a conventional tree spade.

- By using this advanced machine we are able to capture more of the root mass in the top 5-6 inches of soil. A conventional spade may be digging a 28" rootball, but it is only 28" wide at the very top, then it immediately starts to angle in towards the center of the ball.

- Since the rootball isn't held together by blades on all sides as it's being pulled out of the ground we know immediately if the rootball is not sufficiently full of roots. I'ts a great quality control measure so we know the tree has a good set of roots when we send it out the door.

- The Pazzaglia uses a vibratory blade (think carving knife meets ice cream scoop) to cut the roots, we find this creates a much better pruning cut instead of the roots essentially being torn out of the ground.

- Check out this link for more Pazzaglia informtaion!


Root Ball Sizes

2" = 26"-28"

2.5" = 28"

3" = 32"

3.5" = 36"

4" = 40"


5'-8' = 28"

8'-10' = 32"

10'-12' = 36"

12'-14' = 40"

Approximate Rootball Weight

26" = 400 pounds

28" = 550 pounds

32" = 700 pounds

36" = 1,000 pounds

40" = 1,500 pounds

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